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We are happy to share that Relevant Yield, the most empowering solution for digital publishers and ad networks to manage and improve their advertising revenues, has got a new sales partner Marion Nicolaus in Germany. Marion has wide experience working with the publishers in companies like Yahoo and Verizon Media before she started as an independent consultant.

Relevant Yield is the core of Relevant Digital’s global business, but the company also offers services for programmatic sales, consulting for sales development, resources for operative work and help for data activation. Relevant Digital has grown its business and increased the amount of customers fast. Relevant Yield had gained attraction around the globe, and during 2020 it was able to expand the business to the UK, US, Germany and Norway.

The company's head office is located in Helsinki, Finland and they have employees in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the UK. Technology development takes place in the Nordics. Additionally, Relevant Digital has several sales partners in European countries and in the US. According to Marion, the entry will help the company strengthen its expertise in the German market.


Relevant Digital’s partnership Director Kimmo Vihanto commented on cooperation: “Germany is an important and interesting market for us. Their publishers are up to date with the widespread use of modern technologies in advertising sales and we believe that Relevant Yield would be of great benefit to such pioneers. Relevant Yield has gained a lot of satisfied users, but for growth it is important for us to have local partners who know the market better than us. It’s great to have a real professional like Marion to join our team.”


Marion Niholaus commented on the cooperation: “Relevant Yield is a unique entity. It is built on genuine need and is backed by strong expertise in sales and development of programmatic advertising. I think the growth potential is good and it’s great to be involved in helping conquer the German market. Relevant Digital’s employees are true experts and the company's special strength is Relevant Yield combined with strong hands on experience in running programmatic ad operations.”


About Relevant Yield

Relevant Yield is the most empowering solution for publishers and sales networks to maximise ad revenues. Relevant Yield offers an independent vendor agnostic header bidding management combined with prebid analytics and revenue reporting from any demand channel; which makes it the most comprehensive solution on the market. Relevant Yield is provided by a Nordic based company Relevant Digital and it is used by media houses and their sales partners across the world.

For more information about Relevant Yield and its solutions, please visit:

Suvi Leino
By: Suvi Leino

Responsible for marketing and communications at Relevant Digital.


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