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Updated: February 2, 2023

Relevant Yield is provided by a Nordic-based company Relevant Digital for the need of online publishers and networks to take control and grow their advertising revenues in an innovative and futureproof way.

Relevant Yield helps publisher's ad ops and ad sales teams to solve challenges such as getting real-time sales data from all available sources for everyone without manual work, testing new implementations without coding skills with immediate feedback, and getting automated alerts if setup runs into issues to name a few.

In this post, we have answered the most common questions we receive about Relevant Yield:

1. Do you support Prebid Server?
Yes, we support Prebid Server. It is included in the core offering of HB Manager, and monitored through HB Analytics. We do not charge anything extra for Prebid Server, and you can switch between Prebid Server- and Client-side for each individual SSP to see how they perform in your environment.

2. Do you support Apps?
Yes, we do support Prebid Mobile, which is built on Prebid Server, for mobile app monetisation. Mobile apps and sites are managed from one unified platform, HB Manager, and monitored through HB Analytics.

3. Can we run different Prebid configurations for different user countries?
Yes, you can build GEO-specific Prebid configurations, and also monitor your Prebid performance in different GEOs, through the HB Analytics module.

4.  Can I do A/B testing with your wrapper HB Manager?
Yes you can, and you can also monitor the performance automatically through the HB Analytics. After you put an A/B test live, you can monitor the test performance after 10 seconds. If you are using your own wrapper it is possible for us to customize our HB Analytics (Prebid Analytics) to monitor your wrapper’s test performance also.

5. How many products are there in the Relevant Yield GUI, and do I have to buy the full-stack?
Relevant Yield consists of three different products, all handled from the same GUI; making it really easy to control, monitor and optimize on one platform. You do not have to buy them together; they work really well both on their own or in combination with other parties' technology also.

The products in Relevant Yield are:
- API Insight (Unified API/.CSV reporting)
- HB Analytics (Prebid Analytics)
- HB Manager (Prebid Wrapper)

6. Can I get my own Google Analytics data into the tool?
Yes you can. We can import it for the API Insight tool, so you can monitor things like pageview performance and how content changes might affect your Prebid performance.

7. Are there any BlackBox activities going on behind the scenes?
No! As we are a completely neutral provider, we always try to give as much transparency and decision power to our clients as possible - it might be our tool but you are in charge!

8. Do you bring demand?
No, we don’t bring demand. We’re not an SSP because we want to be neutral and our goal is to prioritise publishers’ ad revenue, no matter the source. We think it is very important to remain neutral in the auction; it creates both trust and transparency.

9. What is the onboarding process?
Depending on the characteristics of your setup, the onboarding process can take 2-6 weeks. The onboarding is a joint effort. However, our specialists will take care of most of the heavy-lifting tasks, such as integrating SSPs, mapping, etc.

What we need from you:

- Fill in a list for ad units/SSP placement ID's connected to you
- For ​​API Insights customers: Provide us with the API access to your connected SSPs (if needed, there are detailed instructions from us)
- For HB Analytics & HB Manager customers: Place our programmatic tag into your site/mobile app’s script.

Once the onboarding is complete, we will organise training for your key users to make sure they know how to operate Relevant Yield.

10. Do you cover all of Prebid’s functionality?
Yes, we do cover all modules and media types within the Prebid framework; so it is really flexible and customizable to work with.

11. Do we need to use your Prebid wrapper to use your Prebid/HB modules?
Yes, our wrapper HB Manager covers all of Prebids modules, and can be activated and handled through the GUI of Relevant Yield. This makes it really easy for you to make changes and update your Prebid configurations, without having to do any coding at all. It can all be handled by your own AdOps/Yield team.

12. Do you have customer support based on "their geolocation"?

Our team is based in the Nordics and we are available for support from 8 AM - 6 PM (EEST). We also have a 24/7 hotline that you can ring in case of emergency.

By using Relevant Yield, publishers and ad networks increase advertising revenues, boost efficiency, keep control, retain independence and reduce costs. You can read more about our solution here or see a demo to explore how you will benefit by using Relevant Yield.

Thuy Ho
By: Thuy Ho

Thuy’s role as a Sales Manager is to help our customers to solve their pain points with the help of the Relevant Yield.