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Updated: December 16, 2022

A publisher can simplify and speed up the commercialization of advertising inventory with advanced Header Bidding. Header Bidding is a technology that allows ad impressions to be shared with multiple sources of demand simultaneously before making calls to the ad server. The competition can take place either in a browser (client-side) or on a server (server-side). 

Prebid.js is the most used Header-Bidding “wrapper” in the industry, most likely because they provide a simple solution for Video Header-Bidding and mobile too. Prebid video can be utilized in in-stream, out-stream and long-form ad placements:


  • Instream - Instream video ads serve in-line with existing video content on your page. The ads can serve before, during, or after a piece of video content. As the publisher, you must provide your own video player that can be used to render the ads.
  • Outstream – Outstream video ads serve separately from any existing video content. Often, outstream video ad units are used to create video inventory on pages that do not include any video content. The outstream video ad is displayed through an associated outstream video renderer, which usually ingests configuration options that control the user experience. (For example, the outstream video player can be configured to expand within a text body on-page when in view, and collapse when the video is finished).
  • Long-form - Long-form video content always has a content arc with a beginning, middle and end. Ads display in an ad pod, a grouping of individual ads that appear either in the beginning, end or during the video content. As the publisher, you must provide your own video player that can be used to render the ads.

How do header bidding solutions for these ad formats work technically?

 - read more here.


Header bidding is smoother with a prebid wrapper, leading to faster response times, lower latency, and better user experience overall. By implementing Prebid’s code the advertiser can serve videos on a wide range of video players which are integrated with Prebid’s various adapters, and so publishers receive demand and optimization for video ads.

Prebid.js is a feature-rich header bidding platform. It enables the combination of more than 200 sources of demand to increase sales by leveraging ready-made adapters. Prebid also supports different currencies, universal ID solutions, several different ad servers and is compatible with the IAB TCF 2.0 standard.


Prebid video benefits for the publisher

Consumers are increasingly engaging with video content, which has also led to an increase in video advertising, and there is no end in sight to the growth. Video ads are known to be more compelling and allow for creative and compelling storytelling that makes it easier to capture the audience's attention.

The growing popularity of videos has also led publishers to create the conditions for themselves to distribute video ads and increase the demand for video inventory so the inventory is as widely available to advertisers as possible. More efficient commercialization of videos allows the publisher to increase their advertising revenue.


Video-header Bidding has several benefits for publishers:

  • More demand for unsold ad inventory - higher fill-rates 
  • Monitoring of demand partners and their performance - more control
  • Increasing video demand - more revenue
  • Ad impressions’ allocation is smarter - better yield
  • A better understanding of bid levels - optimal eCPM

We recommend leveraging Prebid to optimize video ad sales, whether in outstream formats or instream video advertising, for short or long video content.


Easily implement Prebid video with Relevant Yield HB Manager

Relevant Yield HB Manager supports all ad formats, including various forms of video advertising. You can maintain a video advertising Header Bidding setup via the Relevant Yield interface. Adding new sources of demand, varying setup to different video content and sites is easy.

Relevant Yield also provides detailed real-time analytics on revenue coming through Header Bidding. Relevant Yield also tirelessly monitors the functionality of technologies and alerts you immediately of any technical issues. In addition to the growing revenue, we also ensure that your valuable video inventory generates profit continuously!


Read more about HB Manager here >>


Relevant Yield is a SaaS platform independently developed by Nordic Relevant Digital, which provides solutions for publishers and advertising networks to enhance digital advertising.

The Relevant Yield product family includes: HB Manager - a remote management tool for programmatic advertising, HB Analytics - real-time analytics for ad sales, and API-insight - comprehensive analytics for digital sales for sales tracking and optimization.

With Relevant Yield, publishers and their sales partners can increase advertising revenue, increase efficiency, maintain better control, be more independent, and save on costs. If you wish, you can read more about Relevant Yield here or book a meeting on how you would benefit from using Relevant Yield.

Suvi Leino
By: Suvi Leino

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