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Updated: December 16, 2022

Next Day Media works with a large number of Europe’s leading Publishers, primarily in the Netherlands and Belgium; reaching more than 12 million unique users in the Netherlands alone. Next Day Media is an innovative, service focused company blending state of the art technologies to deliver performance excellence. 


Relevant Yield is built by Nordic based Relevant Digital to support the needs of digital publishers and networks by helping them manage and improve their advertising revenues. Relevant Digital has over a decade of hands-on experience in running programmatic ad operations at scale. Relevant Yield is the most comprehensive solution on the market delivering revenue insights, real time analytics and remote control of prebid setups to its customers.

Next Day Media utilise multiple Ad Servers, SSPs and technologies in their stack and initially decided to work with Relevant Yields API insights in January 2020. Impressed with their results they expanded the partnership to incorporate the Relevant Yield HB Manager and HB Analytics solutions in September 2020. 


API Insights - Better service for their customers

Next Day Media started working with API Insights in January 2020 as one part of the Relevant Yield solution that was built to enable publishers and networks to manage and monitor all their sales channels from a single dashboard.  

API insights makes real-time follow-up, reporting and revenue optimization easier, saving and  boosting productivity. API insights also include alarms, helping clients to stay updated if their set ups run into unexpected issues.

Next Day Media comments: “With API Insight reporting we can handle each individual website’s reporting with accuracy, and our publishers can login and see their own performance through the Relevant Yield interface. This helps us maintain a larger number of websites with fewer resources and with improved reporting accuracy - creating a better product for all of our clients.”


HB Manager and HB Analytics - Less time on manual setups and setup changes

Delighted with their results from API Insights, in September 2020 Next Day Media expanded their setup to incorporate HB Manager and HB Analytics. 

HB Manager brings control of all prebid partners into a single system enabling easy management and modification of Header Bidding set ups. HB Analytics enables real-time tracking of Header Bidding performance including all prebid metrics and alarms.

Next Day Media comments: “By utilizing HB Manager and HB Analytics we are able to deploy and work with more websites, spending less time on manual setups and setup changes. This means faster deployments, better revenue performance, faster response times, greater flexibility and deeper insights into yield optimisation.”


Faster growth in challenging times 

Even in a challenging 2020, Next Day Media were able to grow faster than previously, due to the improved efficiencies and performance delivered by their deployment of Relevant Yield. 

Next Day Media comments: “The Relevant Yield tool-kit enabled us to grow faster and directly impacted on our revenues, which have grown by 41% during 2020; a year in which the general programmatic market struggled seeing drops of up to 20% in certain markets.”


By using Relevant Yield, publishers increase advertising revenues, boost efficiency, keep control, retain independence and reduce costs. Read more about our solution here and book a meeting to explore how you will benefit by using Relevant Yield.


Relevant Yield in 2mins

If you are interested in reading more about Next Day Media, please visit their website here.

Suvi Leino
By: Suvi Leino

Responsible for marketing and communications at Relevant Digital.