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Updated: November 28, 2023

Digital sales, development and ad ops teams usually have a lot going on simultaneously. When the focus is firmly on, for example, implementing something new, it may be easy to forget to keep track of the ad revenues at a critical moment.

We've brought alarms to Relevant Yield to help stay updated if your setups run into unexpected issues.

Alarms are a valuable tool to get notified in cases such as inventory or revenue drops, ad placement issues or if consent tools do not work as desired. Let the Relevant Yield do this critical work for you and ensure you don’t lose sales.

Protect your digital advertising revenues with Relevant Yield alarms

Here we have a few cases where alarms are especially useful for:


Ensure your setup works - You can have alarms by site, ad placement, and SSPs. A sensible way is to turn on an alarm when revenue or inventory drops a certain percentage or below ascertained value. Then you will notice the change and you will be able to easily find out where a possible drop has taken place and why. The alarm notifications can be sent via global email, your own or custom emails per alarm. These can easily be shared with your colleagues.


Help with development and optimisation - Maximising and optimising advertising revenue is ongoing. When you change the setup, alarms can be handy; you can get instant feedback if your changes weren’t sensible regarding revenue. The alarms can be built on any dimension or metric in the system that you can pull a report on, such as revenues, traffic, response time, SSP bid levels, etc, and can be turned into an alarm. The alarms can be built for you or shared with the entire team. It is a potent tool, making it possible to build your alarms completely customised. 


Keep track of the information that is relevant to you - There are many different roles in the digital team. Consequently, the need for alarms also varies. Alarms are versatile in that they can be built based on the desired metrics you need to follow. For example, some may need to monitor that the bidder in the header bidding setup is working correctly, or that the response time is fast enough, or that the consent tool works correctly. Or even when a new prebid version has been rolled out, the alarms can monitor that all the older browser versions still perform as they should. It makes sense for every team member to create the alarms they need based on their role.


Notice the changes in the market - From time to time, more significant changes occur. For example, changes to consent needs, ads.txt, or major players in the industry, such as Google, can "suddenly" affect ad revenues. Generally, a transition time in changes is reported, but awakening occurs at the latest when the impact on returns is significant. With the alarms, you will also notice such significant changes and you can take action to tackle them immediately.


Less stress on monitoring revenues

You can enjoy the benefits of alarms and protect your ad revenues using API Insights or HB Analytics. If you need help getting alarms running or considering your specific needs, don't hesitate to contact us. You can read more about our solution here if you are not yet a Relevant Yield user.

Suvi Leino
By: Suvi Leino

Responsible for marketing and communications at Relevant Digital.