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Updated: April 11, 2023

Skalden Media is a Hamburg-based consulting agency that focuses on programmatic optimisation for websites and mobile apps e.g. comunio.de and kicktipp.de. Founded in 2014, this small but dynamic team has been consistently helping publishers maximise online revenue with intelligent yield management (including but not limited to, real-time bidding, retargeting and ad networks.).

Being a compact team, Skalden benefits greatly from Relevant Yield as the tool allows them to manage and experiment without depending on engineers or a managed service provider. They are using two modules - HB Analytics and HB Manager.

Relevant Yield is developed by Nordic-based Relevant Digital for digital publishers and sales networks of all sizes to manage ad operations and advance advertising revenue. With over a decade of hands-on experience in programmatic, experts at Relevant Digital understand first-hand the common challenges and needs in the field. This led to the birth of Relevant Yield as a comprehensive tool that takes care of manual operational tasks and empowers specialists to experiment.


HB Manager - independence, efficiency, transparency

Relevant Yield's HB Manager module comes with a proprietary wrapper that supports all Prebid products - Prebid Server, Prebid Mobile, Prebid Video and AMP. It acts as a powerful remote control of the header bidding setup (including Amazon) without any coding involved, allowing users to efficiently deploy changes without coders.

Before becoming a Relevant Yield customer in 2022, Skalden Media used to work with a managed service provider. In order to develop further, and achieve more transparency and revenue, an alternative solution was sought. Therefore, they adopted Relevant Yield to be more proactive, shortening the time spent on a task from 2 - 3 days to a few minutes.

Not only can the Skalden team have more time to invest in optimisation now, but they also have more transparency over their stack. Monja emphasised that this was her most important benefit from using Relevant Yield.

HB Manager - independence, efficiency, transparency
"Working directly with different SSPs, I can decide for myself who is good for my inventory and who is not. The direct exchange is good for the overall performance and of course, makes 1,000x more sense than doing it via a service provider. However, for me as a small company, I had neither the capacity nor the competence possibilities to set up my own Header Bidding system. Relevant Yield's wrapper makes it relatively easy for me to set up my own Prebid system and manage it in a meaningful way. I negotiate and optimise directly with the SSPs, which increases trust, revenue and demands for my customers. Without any further code clutter on the site, Amazon Bidder can finally be managed as well."


HB Analytics - limitless possibilities to improve business

To complement the HB Manager module, Relevant Yield offers HB Analytics to provide users with a holistic bid landscape in real time. With a granularity of up to 10 minutes, the data plays a crucial role in loss prevention, revenue cultivation, and yield optimisation. For every change made to your Header Bidding, you will instantly see how it impacts the performance and revenue.

HB Analytics has templates but also the ability to customise the reports and even dimensions to best fit your needs. Taking advantage of the bundle of HB Analytics and HB Manager, Monja and her team at Skalden Media have complete autonomy over their operations and can closely monitor the performance to make data-driven business decisions.

HB Analytics - limitless possibilities to improve business

"The possibility for us, as a small company, to manage Prebid so easily and comfortably is what I like the most about Relevant Yield. You can very easily add more pages, take them out, manage Ad Units and disable SSPs if there are problems or they are not performing. The dashboard is very well set up. The reporting tool offers almost endless analysis possibilities. The investment is worth it." - Monja.


A small business achieving big growth amidst the market downturn

The digital advertising market has been through turbulence for the past few years. Despite of this, Skalden Media grew its revenue substantially thanks to the adoption of Relevant Yield - the tool that empowers their specialists with tech freedom to tackle challenges in the industry.

"My pure revenue via Prebid has certainly doubled, if not more. If I take (the ad spend and traffic) figures of October 2022 and compare them with those of October 2021 for a certain website (which even lost some traffic in 2023), I still made 20 - 30% more revenue" - Monja.

Relevant Yield is beneficial for publishers and sales networks of all sizes as it ensures that the control is in the hands of users and offers a broad range of functionality. In addition, the experts at Relevant Digital are always happy to consult as well as listen to your feedback and requests to make Relevant Yield a powerful tool in your arsenal. 

Read more about our solution here or talk with us to explore how you will benefit by using Relevant Yield.


Relevant Yield in 2mins

Thuy Ho
By: Thuy Ho

Thuy’s role as a Sales Manager is to help our customers to solve their pain points with the help of the Relevant Yield.