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We help publishers find more productive ways to operate and advertisers to do more effective online advertising. Our blog and newsletter provide information on industry developments and product updates, as well as tips and best practices.

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Alex Fawcett

Alex Fawcett
Alex spearheads our service team, leveraging his decade-plus of international Ad Tech industry experience to drive maximum value for our customers.

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We are looking for a Solutions Engineer

Relevant Digital Oy is a rapidly growing Nordic-based SaaS and services company with a global customer base specialising in ad tech.

by Alex Fawcett on Jun 10, 2024 11:01:18 AM
Tags: Programmatic, Header Bidding, Ad Serving, Relevant Yield, Mobile

Navigating Prebid Server for In-App Monetisation: Insights and Considerations

Have you been noticing ‘in-app headerbidding’ appearing more frequently in your feeds lately? It's because ad monetisation in apps is gaining momentum...

by Alex Fawcett on Dec 8, 2023 8:30:18 AM

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