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Updated: August 19, 2020

Nordic-based Relevant Digital is well known for Relevant Yield, its comprehensive sales reporting dashboard that supports both publishers and sales houses. Relevant Yield is bringing a new release to market that includes a dynamic header bidding management toolkit.

Publishers and sales houses face daily challenges harnessing their valuable sales data in real time to optimize their setup for maximum efficiency and increased ROI. The Relevant Yield solution suite tackles these challenges head on and makes complex tasks simple.

"Key stakeholders like yield managers, ad ops, sales teams and C-level execs need  to be able to react fast to optimise sales; it is a constantly changing environment ” says the company CEO Petri Kokkonen. “Our key focus is getting the right data into the right hands in realtime to allow on-the-fly adjustments that have a real impact on the bottom line."

Relevant Yield makes complex reporting, optimization and technical header updates easy

The solution offers:

  1. Reliable and easy-to-onboard API connected sales reporting for optimization and sales management.
  2. Real-time header bidding analytics with sophisticated alarms for performance monitoring.
  3. Header Bidding manager for remote setup optimization, tests and updates without touching the code in the  site or app after the initial deployment.

Taking a flexible approach, all three modules can be integrated separately or bundled to support the customers' business model.


“The platform is built to solve real, concrete, publisher needs.  In many cases publishers and sales houses struggle with complex setups and lack of transparency, which limit their ability to leverage  instant analytical feedback. The risk of losing revenue because of technical issues, lack of optimization and a lack of alarms; causes daily frustrations.

It is important to highlight that we are a 100% independent player and we optimize the setup, from both a technical and yield perspective. Above all we give publishers yield teams the power to control their setups by themselves, without  having to work through overstretched tech departments or via a 3rd party wrapper support team,” explains  the Business Director Ronny Linder, who is responsible for the product roadmap and platform development.

Relevant Yield already has a network of happy publisher customers in the Nordics, and integrations in place for sales houses in both  Germany and the Netherlands. And 2020 is on track to deliver expansion throughout EMEA and beyond. 

“We are keen to help European sell-side companies and are looking forward to expanding our business overseas. Our mission is to increase our customers’ profitability by increasing sales and lowering costs, and we are  working hard to deliver unique value for our customers,” adds CEO Petri Kokkonen.

More information:

Ronny Linder, Business Director, +45 29 906 945, ronny.linder(a)

Petri Kokkonen, CEO, +358 40 833 5077, petri.kokkonen(a)

Relevant Digital is a Nordic company specialised in publisher sales, ad tech, programmatic and data, and have been helping publishers monetize their digital content for over 10 years. Company has offices in Helsinki, Copenhagen and in Stockholm.

Relevant Yield

Relevant Yield is built with strong hands on experience in running programmatic ad operations. We are an independent company and a neutral, trustable and flexible partner. Our solution is highly customisable and continuous development is based on markets and customers' needs. Relevant Yield is the most comprehensive solution on the market for ad ops and digital sales teams to maximise revenue. You will get all in one package - revenue insights, real time analytics and remote control of prebid setups.

Interested in a free consultation on how your company will benefit from using Relevant Yield?

Read more about our solution: Relevant Yield

If you are interested in hearing more about our services, you can leave a contact request here.

Petri Kokkonen
By: Petri Kokkonen

Petri Kokkonen is the CEO of Relevant Digital. While working with publishers for 20+ years, Petri has gained a broad outlook on sell-side strategies and tactics.


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