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Updated: May 16, 2022, the organization that oversees open source Prebid programmatic advertising solutions, announced the release of Professor Prebid. It is an open-source Chrome browser extension that allows for easy debugging and troubleshooting on publisher websites using Prebid.js to streamline header bidding management.

Professor Prebid provides an intuitive interface that detects when a web page has Prebid.js installed and offers an array of features to help publishers, including the ability to:

  • Check all ad units available to Prebid along with what banner sizes it supports and what bidders are participating
  • Deep-dive into the bids, including bid value, bid currency, response time, and ad server targeting keywords
  • View a detailed timeline of the auction’s main milestones
  • Confirm the main Prebid modules and their configurations (Price Granularity, Bidder settings, Prebid Server, CMP, User ID Modules)
  • View the user IDs available from the different ID providers on the page
  • Access to tools that enable Prebid Debug data on console view, which allows setting up manual bid filtering and the creation of CPM overrides to test various bidding scenarios easily.

    Professor Prebid AdUnits screen

Image source:

The development of Professor Prebid was led by the Tools Product Management Committee, a cross-functional team of publishers and ad tech partners working to solve issues for Prebid members actively. Professor Prebid is now available via GitHub for collaborators across the community to leverage and enjoy. Professor Prebid's user guide can be found here.

We look forward to hearing more about the user experience of Professor Prebid.


Relevant Digital is a member of is an independent organization designed to ensure and promote fair, transparent, and efficient header bidding across the industry. Funded by dues-paying members, it manages the open-source projects Prebid. js, Prebid Mobile, Prebid Server, Prebid Video, Prebid Native, and others. Relevant Digital is a member company of the community. In practice, it means helping to build and shape the future of the advertising technology ecosystem together with the community.

Relevant Digital’s proprietary technology Relevant Yield helps publishers and networks manage, develop, and maximize advertising revenue. Its Header Bidding management and analytics support Prebid.js, Prebid Server, and other open source projects. Through the platform, publishers can also adopt ID5's Universal ID solution, which makes it easy to identify visitors and thus impact programmatic advertising revenue.

More information about Relevant Yield can be found here.

Suvi Leino
By: Suvi Leino

Responsible for marketing and communications at Relevant Digital.


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