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Updated: February 19, 2019

Relevant Digital Oy is well-known for setting up tools and technologies required for online advertising and for developing and commercialising online media. Ad servers, software vending and marketing technologies and the related know-how are an important part of our offering, but it does not stop there. In addition to tech projects, we regularly carry out demanding consultancy projects. Because the projects are often deeply rooted in the business of our customers, they are done under a strict NDA, thus unfortunately they can not be used as public references.

Recently the projects have focused particularly on the utilisation of data, and we have been able to work with the following themes together with our great clients:

1. Increasing sales through data:

Often, our customers miss sparring with data-related opportunities. We are looking to find answers to questions like:

  • How do we increase sales by means of data?
  • How do we optimize advertising and site conversion using data?
  • How do we personalize our digital service experience and offering to suit each customer?
  • And can the data itself be sold?

2. Architecture:

Once we know what is to be done, but still open questions like how and which tools are to be used remain, we can think about the following:

  • Do you need new technology, and if so, what?
  • What kind of data is collected and how?
  • How to combine different databases and how can the data be activated?
  • How to ensure the compatibility of GDPR and ePrivacy?
  • What technology is used to personalize the site?
  • And what is used as the software for programmatic buying and selling?

3. Organising and knowledge partner:

Technologies are important facilitators, however, people and the know-how are the most important assets and they often lie at the heart of development projects:

  • What kind of knowledge does our organisation need?
  • Do we have to train existing employees or are recruitments needed?
  • What would be the right profile?
  • What should be done internally, and what would be reasonable to outsource?

There are many questions without universal answers. But this is the best part in projects. Each project is unique, and the right answers are customer-specific. Once the goals, strategies and roadmaps have been made, the actual doing starts, and very often we continue to cooperate by implementing the well-designed plans.

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Suvi Leino
By: Suvi Leino

Responsible for marketing and communications at Relevant Digital.


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