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Updated: December 16, 2022

JP / Politikens Hus is one of Denmark's leading media companies. They are behind a large number of news media, publishers, weekly newspapers and niche media.


Relevant Yield is built by Nordic based Relevant Digital to support the needs of digital publishers and networks by helping them manage and improve their advertising revenues. Relevant Digital has over a decade of hands-on experience in running programmatic ad operations at scale. Relevant Yield is the most comprehensive solution on the market delivering revenue insights (API Insights), real time analytics (HB Analytics) and remote control of prebid setups (HB Manager) to its customers.

JP/Politikens Hus has been working with Relevant Digital and the API Insights module for Relevant Yield since 2020. They really like the tool and primarily work with it to get stable unified data from all their sales sources, towards the rest of organisation. As a publisher that works with different sites and have different AdOps and Sales teams; it is important to have the data available for everyone in the organisation in a clear, simple and unified way.

Financial benefits of working with the Relevant Yield

The strategic benefits

JP/Politikens Hus started working with API Insights in 2020 as one part of the Relevant Yield solution that was built to enable publishers and networks to manage and monitor all their sales channels from a single dashboard.  API insights makes real-time follow-up, reporting and revenue optimization easier, saving and  boosting productivity. API insights also include alarms, helping clients to stay updated if their set ups run into unexpected issues.


The strategic benefits they see: 

  • Data available in a really easy and customizable way for the different roles in the company. As we work with different sales teams for different websites, it is very nice that the data can be easily divided for the different teams and sales users.
  • Useful dashboards reporting modules for quick overviews, in combination with a deeper slice and dice reporting interface, where we can both debug and optimise our business; both from an AdOps and Sales perspective.
  • Great amount of timesaving, as the data is consolidated automatically across a large number of systems. We work with the tool in tandem with our own data warehouse, and the difference here is really that the tool is built more for Sales and AdOps, than data analysts; so it is easier and more accessible for the end users of the data.
  • Same numbers across the organisation makes communication and understanding easier.
  • The Advertiser and Buyer mapping makes it possible to match the Advertiser and buyer data in Relevant yield with the way we structure the data we have in our CRM system.
  • The Alarms can be built in different ways. The individual Sales users can build alarms for specific deals or Advertisers; while an Admin user can build alarms that revolve around more site-level performance.
  • The API for exporting data, means that we can now rely on Relevant Yield to collect data from a lot of our sales sources towards our data warehouse, removing a lot of API connection maintenance work from our developers; so from their perspective the tool also works as an API aggregator.
  • Relevant Yield is built by Relevant Digital, which is an independent SaaS company, so they do not have any financial stakes in any of the revenue systems we use.
  • The Relevant Yield team is always adding new features, new connections and special builds - which means that we know that we are future proof; and can make our voices heard.
    How JP/Politikens Hus works with Relevant Yield team

How JP/Politikens Hus works with Relevant Yield team

  • We usually work directly with the Technical account manager, who helps us with new connections, or data requests. This works well, and most requests are answered within a few office hours.
  • We also have monthly or bi-monthly meetings where we talk about new features, or development requests we have for the tool. This also works quite well, and usually our requests are implemented within 1 week to 6 months, depending on the requests we have. During the Onboarding we defined a few “must haves”, making sure that when we started using the tool, we had the critical things we needed in place.

Financial benefits of working with the Relevant Yield

  • API Insights is a great timesaver and saves different headcounts in the organisation.
  • Because there is less manual work, the coherent data is also available faster; which makes it easier for the Sales teams to act on it; and find new leads or improve on existing ones.
  • The alarms ping really fast if something is wrong. Because we can share reports and alarms, it is easier for us to discuss and share our concerns, in order to find a solution; this is of course especially important if the revenue is threatened.
  • Saves a lot of development time on maintaining API connections and consolidating data across organization.

    In general, we are really happy with our Cooperation with the Relevant Yield team!

By using Relevant Yield, publishers increase advertising revenues, boost efficiency, keep control, retain independence and reduce costs. Read more about our solution here and book a meeting to explore how you will benefit by using Relevant Yield.


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