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Updated: March 20, 2023

With the ongoing changes in the programmatic advertising ecosystem, server-side has emerged as a crucial tool for publishers to optimise their advertising revenue while maintaining user privacy. On February 22nd, Prebid organised a webinar covering their development roadmap for Prebid server in 2023. Don't worry if you missed it, we have the discussed topics summarised in this article.

Whether you're new to the concept or looking to fine-tune your existing setup, this is the perfect opportunity to learn about the latest trends in Prebid server-side and gain insights on how to take advantage of it for your business.

Relevant Yield's proprietary Prebid wrapper could be a great helping hand for publishers to get started with server-side without the heavy technical work. The wrapper was built in 2021 and has matured over the years. It supports all Prebid products like Prebid Server, Prebid Mobile, AMP, etc. Using Relevant Yield, publishers have scalability in their scope with less time spent on manual setups and configurations. This means faster deployment, better revenue performance, faster response times, greater flexibility, and deeper insights into yield optimisation. Talk with us!


1. Basis of Prebid Server

What is a Prebid Server?
Prebid Server (PBS) is an open-source solution for server-to-server header bidding. It supports a number of key use cases: mobile app, AMP, server-side web with Prebid.js, and server-side ad inclusion scenarios such as long-form video and audio (

How can publishers use Prebid Server?
As PBS requires servers running somewhere, publishers can choose to EITHER run it themselves OR use a Managed Service.

A hybrid option would be for publishers to use a tool such as Relevant Yield's HB Manager to remain in total control without the heavy implementation and maintenance.

Read more about How to get started with the Prebid server.


2. Prebid Server Modules

Prebid.js has many modules that enhance bid requests and bid responses that publishers love. Read more about them here.

Now, Prebid Server is ready to support a similar ecosystem so publishers can enjoy the same benefits when migrating from Prebid.js. This makes it easier to keep the Prebid updated to newer versions, without disrupting the existing implementations. There will be the improved capabilities for:

  • Creative Validation
  • Request Enrichment: content, user data
  • Optimisation: timeout, traffic quality, bidder selection, etc
  • Analytics Adapters

    Prebid Server ModulesUnlike Javascript Modules, PBS Modules can be used for mobile apps, AMP, DOOH, and CTV. In addition, they can also cache data and perform more complicated logic than what is feasible on a browser. These factors strengthen earning potential and user experience for publishers on multiple platforms.

    Get the latest updates about Prebid Server Modules from's Newsletters or their LinkedIn.

3. Prebid's roadmap for Prebid Server in 2023

See other Prebid's roadmap for 2023.

Overall, it looks like Prebid focuses heavily on improvement development. They want Prebid Server to be able to deliver what Prebid.js can to publishers.

Prebid was asked about SSPs and their server-side performance during the webinar. So far, most of the SSPs support server-side. However, to make sure that the support for server-side is equal to that for client-side, Prebid will make efforts to remove SSPs that don't effectively support server-side by September.


4. Prebid's plans to be a Toolkit that helps Publishers achieve Compliance

Familiar yourself with the IAB's Global Privacy Platform here. Basically, it comes in 2 parts:

  • Section ID of in-scope privacy policies.
  • Content String encapsulating all information disclosed to a user and their choices for all applicable privacy policies.

    Note: Prebid is not obliged to manage legal compliance with any privacy regulations that may apply to Prebid users.

However, Prebid provides a flexible set of functionalities that can be configured as dictated by publishers and app developers' legal teams.

Prebid's plans to be a Toolkit that helps Publishers achieve Compliance

Undoubtedly, Prebid Server-side has continued to gain popularity in the programmatic advertising ecosystem as the sell-side professionals seek to improve their operations’ efficiency, transparency, and profitability. 

During the webinar, Prebid's experts advised that publishers stay up-to-date with the latest developments and take advantage of the platform's full potential. One way to do this is by Multivariate or A/B Testing to ensure that Prebid is functioning optimally and delivering the best results possible. By conducting regular tests, publishers can identify areas for improvement, make necessary adjustments, and stay competitive in the ever-changing programmatic advertising landscape. It also helps publishers better understand the needs and preferences of their audience, allowing them to tailor their programmatic advertising strategies accordingly. Learn how to effectively conduct multivariate testing to maximise your earnings.

Get the recording of this webinar here.

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