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We help publishers find more productive ways to operate and advertisers to do more effective online advertising. Our blog and newsletter provide information on industry developments and product updates, as well as tips and best practices.

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Tags: Data, Privacy, Technologies, Publisher, Cookies, Relevant Digital, Relevant Yield

How does Universal ID work when third-party cookies are going to be history?

It is not clear yet what will happen to targeting and measurement in digital advertising in the future when the use of third-party will end, but it is...

by Suvi Leino on May 3, 2021 11:19:20 AM
Tags: Privacy, Technologies, Publisher, Relevant Digital, Relevant Yield

Relevant Yield & ID5 start cooperation

Relevant Yield, the most empowering solution for digital publishers and ad networks to manage and improve their advertising revenues, and ID5 have sta...

by Suvi Leino on Mar 29, 2021 3:42:10 PM
Tags: Relevant Audience, Advertiser, Relevant Digital joins Relevant Audience

MTV and Aller set up a joint data marketplace in 2016. However, the companies have now decided to end their collaboration and is joining...

by Suvi Leino on Nov 21, 2019 12:43:00 PM
Tags: Data, Relevant Digital

Relevant Digital is more than ad-tech

Relevant Digital Oy is well-known for setting up tools and technologies required for online advertising and for developing and commercialising online ...

by Suvi Leino on Feb 19, 2019 3:24:00 PM
Tags: Relevant Digital

Petri Kokkonen was appointed a chairman of IAB Finland

IAB Finland, the association of digital media and marketing industries in Finland, has elected a new board at the general assembly on Wednesday 22th N...

by Suvi Leino on Nov 26, 2018 2:01:00 PM
Tags: Relevant Audience, Relevant Digital, Survey

Relevant Digital data survey

Data targeting is becoming more common in digital advertising. Lately we have seen a lot of discussion about data quality and transparency. It’s inter...

by Suvi Leino on May 24, 2018 3:52:00 PM
Tags: Data, Relevant Audience, Advertiser, Relevant Digital

Segment Finder helps to find segments available on Relevant Audience

We have released Segment Finder to help advertisers find valuable Relevant Audience segments from different DSPs. With Segment Finder you can find all...

by Suvi Leino on Jan 9, 2018 4:25:00 PM
Tags: Relevant Digital

My first weeks with Relevant: Samuel Palmér

Samuel started working for Relevant as an System Architect in October. He is working with our development team to bring our up-and-coming Relevant Yie...

by Suvi Leino on Dec 11, 2017 4:05:00 PM
Tags: Relevant Digital

Relevant Digital Expands Swedish Operations

Relevant Digital started our new Swedish venture with one employee in Stockholm in October. Now we’re adding more power to fuel our digital services a...

by Suvi Leino on Dec 8, 2017 4:12:00 PM
Tags: Relevant Digital

My First Weeks at Relevant: Tuukka Aaltonen

Tuukka has started at Relevant as a project manager in July. After getting to know the different parts of the business he has focused especially in ou...

by Suvi Leino on Oct 12, 2017 4:42:00 PM

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